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I am in the UK and the company has been taking £8.00 a month out of my credit card since July 07. I was checking my statement and thought it was something I bought online but after looking at older statements it appears there.

Ok I should check it more regularly my bad however £8 is easily missed. I rang the company and asked who they were. It turns out some flowers I bought through Interflora online offered a £10 discount on the next bunch and i do remember thinking great ill have that. However i never used it.

it turns out that to get this £10 voucher it costs you £8 a month!!!! till you spot it. They have offered me a full refund thank god ! although I havent got it yet.

I just wanted to warn others out there to check before they except any vouchers with a service as it may end up costing you alot more. And i am sure that this company would have continued to take £8 a month off my credit card without wondering why i wasnt using their service. I think that they should have contacted me personally to say you haven't used your membership yet is there a problem. the company tell me they issue a email out each month with the offers on it.

i have checked this and it appears in my spam box which i never read having received no less than 100 a week in there.

as long as i get my money back i wont be too cross but am a bit miffed that this could happen to anyone.

so just remember if its sounds too goog to be true it usualy is!!!!!!!!!

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I need 2 phn these ppl cause they av been doing the same. Cn any 1 help wiv the number thnks


Yep they have taken £10 off me too...this is robbery and fully intend to report them through Trading Standards


they take £10 off me

Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania, United States #8457

have you received your money back yet?

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